Hello some people,
Today I woke up and had a glance outsite the window. The weather was gray, my mood was gray.
I use a lot of colours in my art. I had to defeat a lion (metaphoor) to get on my bicycle and ride treu the grayness.

I arrived at the studio. All these colourfull works of other artist touched me, still I needed my antidepressant: coffee with lots of sugar.
I experimented somehow, now I’ve got a portrait with a big neck. Not gray, but coffee-brown.
So, my day turned into brown, that’s the colour when you mix all the primairy colours, bleu, yellow and red.
Conclusion, looks like shit with all the colours inside.
Ps there is some new work showed in the gallery. Morely experiments with ecoline.


Hello great people,
Today I went to the shop ‘Lucas’ in Vroenhoven, Belgium. It’s very close to Maastricht. On the way back there was a traffic jam.
I bought some very nice art atributes, for a good Belgium price. Still I spended too much.
Eat sober this week.
But I’m happy! Got some really really pink colour for some more acryl flamengos!
Got aquarel paper for the ecoline. And some cardboard, a good sollution for my gel paste for reliëf and to mix it with acryl. Double pleasure.
On top of that, I recieved a present that is a pinpoint for my working space at home. I’ve gotten an easel!!! Not to ride on of course.
Or did we ride with it?

But the sun is shining

Hello fellow people,
Today I corrected a new acryl painting. I haven’t been in the studio for a month. I had a cold fever and after that chronic stomach pains. Now it seems better.

My flow is gone. Still I tended to be very productive in just two hours. But the works don’t touch me. I’ve been feeling low by all my illnesses. A writersblock is on the way. Hopefully the glitch will be back so I’ll enjoy making my work. In progress are a new clay statue and some more ecoline work. My webmaster suggestes that I should give names to my work. I’ll brainstorm about that. Hopefully you are all doing better today.
It’s cold in Holland but the sun is shining.