Get bored

This day I woke up during the night, feeling ill. I discovered a new app. From now on, especially this morning with nothing else to do, but hey ‘from now on’ I can make gifs from my electronic art!! I’m not a technician but the road to the visuals isn’t dead ended. Enjoy the gifs on my facebook.


today…nothing to do….chill-mode. I decided to do some acryl-obatric things on cardbord, wich isn’t a very qualititive sollution for waterbased paint.
so the work won’t last, it’s warped by the warmth.
the progress during two sessions:

I edited the picture of the painting on fotor and decided to make some electronic art out of it. You’ll see the new work by the menu ‘electronic art’, or on my facebook page ‘bieneke bien’.

thanks for reading and have a nice day!