Hans Bellmer

A favorite artist of a good friend had inspired me yesterday, H.Bellmer. Among other things, he makes surrealistic works with unusual body parts, abstractly erotic or just very interesting to look at.

24 april 2021

I couldn’t sleep and my eyes were tired. I was still resting on my bed in the night. Because it was dark I saw dark shadows in the corner of my eye. There was 1 star shimmering between the open slit of the curtains. I focused on it and the star resonated. I know that … Read more24 april 2021


There is a painting I once did that currently inspires me. With lots of perspective and lines that pull towards the center where they disappear into infinity. But it’s a matter of perception right? When I turn the painting, upside down, it doesn’t seem any different. The lines all shoot together toward that point in … Read morePerception

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