24 april 2021

I couldn’t sleep and my eyes were tired. I was still resting on my bed in the night. Because it was dark I saw dark shadows in the corner of my eye. There was 1 star shimmering between the open slit of the curtains. I focused on it and the star resonated.

I know that deceased souls were present in my room. I continued to lie quietly but finally decided to get up and have a drink in the living room with the lights on. I felt uncomfortable and asked for help. A guide, an animal spirit, appeared on my phone. Synchronicity. Immediately I was calm, it was Noekie my parakeet who died suddenly almost a year ago. 

He appeared in a section of a painting that I had taken a picture of that was still on my phone.

I just added some filters and some light. And further edited the curve.

I’d like to share it with you

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