I have an order. Order to put some order in my fantasy world! Never drawed dragons. So I went to the library and borrowed a children’s book about dragons. That’s my level of intellectual study.

You have to start somewhere, before you can take of and spread your wings.

My cat(!nap)

So I’m painting a little on cardboard. Ok haven said that now the real message.

Had a difficult time. My grandfather quoted shakespears: “the way to hell is paved with good intentions”
Made me think and think. I’d promised him a statue of clay, with a cat posing as ‘the thinker’.
But ‘het werkhuis’ didn’t work out for me, no clay, no oven.
So this promise went a long way.
On this website you’ll see a lying cat I’d made one-and-a-half year ago. The cat was in a long sleep, longinh for paint.
Both were longing, I started thinking about intentions and work. So this cat (whom is probeply thinking about birds she can’t catch (be)longs to my grandfather.
I love him and give this work with love. Started working, went to the action (cheap shop) get the spraypaint. The first layer is layong on the (sleeping) thinker. The cat lays in the garden, smelly from spraypainting. First layer done.

Is it a bird?

My new great (or small💖) new muse. My biggest fan with featers. Making new art. Throwing lots of paint on cardboard – and my laminate.
Obviously @ home where I prefer to work nowadays.

Is it an owl? Or is it my pet Noekie. I guess something in between. I think it looks sweet. Have a nice day!

it dried up and the cashboard curved. I now came up with a ‘plan’..

Blocking the block

I’m lazy with updating. A few weeks ago, on monday morning (I’m not an early bird) I went to the ‘werkhuis’. It’s another studio than the one I went before.
I did work on a cat, a gift for my grandfather.
One week ago I went, again, to the werkhuis. I hollowed out the work. I hate that job, but it’s nessecary for the baking. I thought I ruined the cat. Got a silent panic attack, glad when I went home again.
I didn’t go this week.

@home, today I did some work on my ‘never-finished’ acryl painting on cardboard.

Get bored

This day I woke up during the night, feeling ill. I discovered a new app. From now on, especially this morning with nothing else to do, but hey ‘from now on’ I can make gifs from my electronic art!! I’m not a technician but the road to the visuals isn’t dead ended. Enjoy the gifs on my facebook.


today…nothing to do….chill-mode. I decided to do some acryl-obatric things on cardbord, wich isn’t a very qualititive sollution for waterbased paint.
so the work won’t last, it’s warped by the warmth.
the progress during two sessions:

I edited the picture of the painting on fotor and decided to make some electronic art out of it. You’ll see the new work by the menu ‘electronic art’, or on my facebook page ‘bieneke bien’.

thanks for reading and have a nice day!


Today I finally made some new work. @home with my friend.
I made also two works last two weeks, one work @a time.
It takes in average 45 minutes to finish.
I need more patience.
Working @ that!

Thanks Astrina for your company.


Hello some people,
Today I woke up and had a glance outsite the window. The weather was gray, my mood was gray.
I use a lot of colours in my art. I had to defeat a lion (metaphoor) to get on my bicycle and ride treu the grayness.

I arrived at the studio. All these colourfull works of other artist touched me, still I needed my antidepressant: coffee with lots of sugar.
I experimented somehow, now I’ve got a portrait with a big neck. Not gray, but coffee-brown.
So, my day turned into brown, that’s the colour when you mix all the primairy colours, bleu, yellow and red.
Conclusion, looks like shit with all the colours inside.
Ps there is some new work showed in the gallery. Morely experiments with ecoline.


Hello great people,
Today I went to the shop ‘Lucas’ in Vroenhoven, Belgium. It’s very close to Maastricht. On the way back there was a traffic jam.
I bought some very nice art atributes, for a good Belgium price. Still I spended too much.
Eat sober this week.
But I’m happy! Got some really really pink colour for some more acryl flamengos!
Got aquarel paper for the ecoline. And some cardboard, a good sollution for my gel paste for reliëf and to mix it with acryl. Double pleasure.
On top of that, I recieved a present that is a pinpoint for my working space at home. I’ve gotten an easel!!! Not to ride on of course.
Or did we ride with it?

But the sun is shining

Hello fellow people,
Today I corrected a new acryl painting. I haven’t been in the studio for a month. I had a cold fever and after that chronic stomach pains. Now it seems better.

My flow is gone. Still I tended to be very productive in just two hours. But the works don’t touch me. I’ve been feeling low by all my illnesses. A writersblock is on the way. Hopefully the glitch will be back so I’ll enjoy making my work. In progress are a new clay statue and some more ecoline work. My webmaster suggestes that I should give names to my work. I’ll brainstorm about that. Hopefully you are all doing better today.
It’s cold in Holland but the sun is shining.