Well, I thank each individual on Gaia for the consensus that appears. Enlightenment is a status and even a bit static. Much is happening, but wasn’t it always this way? Mortals, that is, organisms with consciousness and thereby created thought through globalization and connection, so we mortals connect with each other. The trauma of our … Read moreProgression

Hans Bellmer

A favorite artist of a good friend had inspired me yesterday, H.Bellmer. Among other things, he makes surrealistic works with unusual body parts, abstractly erotic or just very interesting to look at.

24 april 2021

I couldn’t sleep and my eyes were tired. I was still resting on my bed in the night. Because it was dark I saw dark shadows in the corner of my eye. There was 1 star shimmering between the open slit of the curtains. I focused on it and the star resonated. I know that … Read more24 april 2021


There is a painting I once did that currently inspires me. With lots of perspective and lines that pull towards the center where they disappear into infinity. But it’s a matter of perception right? When I turn the painting, upside down, it doesn’t seem any different. The lines all shoot together toward that point in … Read morePerception

Allemaal Anders

I went down town, to print some images for the exposition ‘Allemaal Anders’ in november 2019. They were too small to print 50*50 cm, but I found an online sollution. Right now ‘my babies’ are developped and I’m one step further on exposing my images in the real world!!!


Sadness follows… doing the content threw me back in the past. Sadness, love hurt…. I’m working on that. Today I’m empty and crying, overwelmed by my own emotions. I still have some work to do. Child thema and offline back up. Not now. Tears come…

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