My pets

I really love my pets. Mirre & Noekie, cat & parakeet. I’m a little lazy now. Doing the nice stuff, edit some old pictures. I’m getting inspiration from my pets, the past, the lost, the lesson. I’m my dreams, at night, the message was clear. This chapter is over, now move on and make some … Read moreMy pets

New print

I can’t really sleep, listening to uplifting music. So I’m going trough a lot. One day I will look back and write something by seeing the situation in perspective. Insights and peace.


Sooooo frustrating!! I need to research ‘hyperlinks’ and popups. So your surfing experience will be easier. The music has to keep on playing while you are watching nice images. I need to make new content also. I’m now in index mode and the things I’d been making lately are more collages, cutting and pasting. “Introspective … Read moreHyperlinks

On and on

It worked out with the search button and I removed it! Promised myself yesterday to stay of my website, but I’m addicted, I’m hooked. My website is in English but I am Dutch. So here’s a little Dutch poem. Enjoy…

Ups and downs

From today on, I’m working on my own website. Feeling independent. Haven’s been so creative lately, had some troubles on the road. When I feel better I hope getting back in that colorful flow.

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