Hello 🙂
Thanks for visiting my website. I work under the name Bieneke Bien.

I’m also learning how to manage this website

Figuring this out

I’m an artist practicing visual arts. I start, for an example, with a painting (mostly acryl) not knowing what it turns into.  Then slowly it turns into something. I guess I prefer to work from the subconsciousness.
I look and see the painting changing while the light of the sun turns it into different colours.
The electronical art looks very good till 50*50 cm. You can order them for a good price. Signed. If you’re interested just go to the menu -> contact -> send me the form. <- I’ll reply within a day.
You can join my facebook page Bieneke Bien and get some updates. I also write a blog, where you can read what I’m up to.
Hopefully you enjoy the work. May it give you some inspiration as well.
Music keeps me going. Writing lyrics and making songs, with or without help, make me cope with day to day life and all the ups and downs.
Well, that said, I wish you all a nice day. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any question, remarks, suggestions, downloading music and ordering prints.
Greetings and kind regards,
Bieneke Bien 2019


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