My cat(!nap)

So I’m painting a little on cardboard. Ok haven said that now the real message.

Had a difficult time. My grandfather quoted shakespears: “the way to hell is paved with good intentions”
Made me think and think. I’d promised him a statue of clay, with a cat posing as ‘the thinker’.
But ‘het werkhuis’ didn’t work out for me, no clay, no oven.
So this promise went a long way.
On this website you’ll see a lying cat I’d made one-and-a-half year ago. The cat was in a long sleep, longing for paint.
Both were longing, I started thinking about intentions and work. So this cat (whom is probeply thinking about birds she can’t catch) longs to my grandfather.
I love him and give this work with love. Started working, went to the action (cheap shop) get the spraypaint. The first layer is layong on the (sleeping) thinker. The cat lays in the garden, smelly from spraypainting. First layer done.

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