There is a painting I once did that currently inspires me. With lots of perspective and lines that pull towards the center where they disappear into infinity.

But it’s a matter of perception right? When I turn the painting, upside down, it doesn’t seem any different. The lines all shoot together toward that point in the middle. Staring at the blocks and lines getting smaller and smaller into a thick dot. Or is the image coming to me?

I work from the subconscious because that’s what works best for me. Also with my intuition and it now indicates to me that ‘perception’ is a fragment of a journey your mind takes through our multiverse. Sometimes when I close my eyes I see this, I ‘float’ at speed through gates and wormholes but with no destination. I am pulled like the lines of the painting. It is then so beautiful to let go, where are we being led?

The infinite, not to be understood with a finite life that exists through time. In the infinite there is no (linear) time.

Letting go, traveling in the infinite and stopping time, that is what I would like.

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