Dutch and English principle of thoughts.

Nederlandse en Engelse gedachtenspinsels.

“You’re really in shit when karma hits the van”

Bieneke Bien
Breaking the curse
From ‘the truth’ a song written by Bienekebien

Its night on my right today was a gift I gave away so the day would stay on the left 13 hours away and 1 second close to me

Somewhere, somehow, someone smiles in the sun, still awake and shining on me like a morning cup of coffee, opening my curtains and make me see

It aint over yet, the life that Im in,feel the breeze on my skin the power of love within

You ask me to share my darkest thoughts, can you shine on me so my shadows become clear in this black hole that tries to deny my soul when Im in?


My friend

Cutting loose

“When the sunset fools the night”


“I need a certain kind of sadness to keep on going”

Bieneke Bien

Hoe moet dat met je depressies dan?

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